From Pawn To King

By Tommy Breedlove

Discover Brilliance, Achieve Meaning, Ensure Financial Success.

Tommy Breedlove's book, From Pawn to King, exposes a secret corporate America doesn't want you to know. The secret: Our highest achievers are being duped. Corporations shower our best and brightest people with power, prestige, praise, and financial rewards, convincing them they're kings because they have a big office, fancy cars, and bulky bank accounts. In reality, they're just pawns handcuffed by the trappings of their success and pressure to perform and feeling like they have no choice but to continue living the same depressing day over and over again. This continues for years until they lose their personal identity and purpose, burn out or self-destruct, succumbing to substance abuse, adultery, depression, and even suicide. They stay because they feel like they have no choice. After years of decline, these once-promising high-achievers become nothing but a sorry statistic.

Tommy Breedlove was there. He started from nothing, even landing in jail as a young adult before turning his life around to rise-up the corporate ladder in the competitive world of corporate accounting and financial consulting. For nearly two decades, he worked his way up the ladder, succumbing to pressures that led to selfish, destructive behavior. On the surface, he thought he was a king, but inside he knew he was just a pawn in king's clothing. Over time, he realized the corporate world had deceived him into giving up everything important to him based on the promise that more power, prestige, and money would make him happy. But it was never enough. Happiness was always one quarter, one deal, or one meaningless corporate milestone away.

Devastated by the realization that he had been duped for so long, Tommy chose to leave the corporate world, committing his life to exposing this secret and helping corporations and high-achievers become true kings. Utilizing his background as a corporate leader and international financial consultant, Tommy helps companies and high-achievers rediscover their true brilliance, achieve meaning and utilize those skills in a meaningful, financially-viable way.

The reality is every company and individual will end up either a forgettable statistic or a true success story. Ensuring you and your company become a true success is at most three steps away. First, you must discover your brilliance—the things you or your company do better than anyone else. Second, you must achieve meaning with what you do, identifying what you stand for and what you want to be known for. Third, you must tie it all together in a way that ensures financial success, because the truth is there’s no reason you can’t work in your area of brilliance in a meaningful and profitable way.

There's no reason the same can't be true for you and your company. It doesn't matter how long you've been in business or how high up the corporate ladder you've climbed, you're ultimately going to be one of two things: a success story or a sorry statistic. From Pawn to King is your roadmap to becoming a success story.

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