By Tommy Breedlove

Discover Brilliance, Achieve Meaning, Ensure Financial Success.

Based on the best research and real-world case studies, Tommy Breedlove—executive coach, and corporate and financial consultant—shows readers what it takes to be legendary in business and in life.

In Legendary, you will find simple, practical steps to:

·      Find greater fulfillment at home and work

·      Find purpose and significance in their personal and professional lives

·      Build loving, trustworthy, and deeper relationships

·      Lead other people with more conviction and purpose

·      Make better choices at home and at work

·      Develop a personal and professional life plan

·      Achieve greater personal financial success

·      Build legendary companies that serve customers, team members, and the world well

·      And more!

Nobody is born legendary but anyone can become legendary. Legendary is your playbook for building a legendary life and leading a legendary organization.

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