Tommy Breedlove, CPA

Founder & Chief Goodness Provider

Tommy founded the Choose Goodness movement to help individuals, leaders and organizations increase their positive impact on the world while gaining meaning and attaining financial success.

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Tommy Chose to leave a lucrative international financial consulting career to create the Choose Goodness movement.  At the time, he had achieved financial success and gained business notoriety and prestige.  However, Tommy felt unfulfilled and had lost meaning and hope in his life.  For 36 years, he felt he did not have permission to Choose, and the Choices he made were out of fear and the judgements of others instead of Goodness.  

Therefore, Tommy Chose Goodness for himself and walked away at the top of his professional career.  Rather than have a complete meltdown, he regained control of his life and set a benchmark for his approach to decision making.   In all actions he asked, "Have I Chosen Goodness for myself, those around me, my community and my planet?" 

His dream is to use his vast personal and professional experiences (both the tragedies and triumphs)  to help individuals, leaders and businesses:

  • Discover their brilliance
  • Achieve meaning
  • Ensure financial success 

Prior to founding Choose Goodness, Tommy was on the Board of Directors, a shareholder, and the International Practice Leader for a large financial consulting and advisory firm where he advised large international and domestic companies on financial and operational strategies. Tommy and his international practice team won the 2012 Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce Global Impact Award.

Tommy enjoys traveling, reading, experiencing new cultures and food, continuous learning, all things outdoors, and strives each day to put his positive mark on the world. He and his wife, Heather (aka Mrs. Goodness), live in Atlanta with two adorable four-legged children.