For those seeking to Choose Goodness and invest in themselves and/or their business,  we would be humbled and honored to provide you with the following benefits:   

Public Speaking Topics 

  • The power of choice
  • Reconnecting your passion to organizational greatness
  • Blending humanity with financial leadership
  • Why "it's not personal, it's just business" is false
  • When walking away and not walking away is critical to long term success

For the Business:

  • Holistic financial strategies that incorporate both business and personal goals
  • Organizational transformation coaching to empower the company's true purpose and bring the soul back into your business
  • Revitalizing core values and rediscover lost corporate culture
  • Strategies on attracting and retaining the best and brightest talent
  • Teaching of methods for better focus and decision making
  • Advice and support to turn emotionally driven values into sound and rational business decisions
  • Innovation-empowerment coaching
  • Marketing and external messaging improvements creating loyal customers for your business
  • Conflict resolution facilitation - both internal and external
  • Corporate governance and board optimization
  • Guidance on establishing and implementing responsible corporate habits

For the Individual and Leader:

  • Coaching to discover your brilliance, (where skill, desire, and money meet)
  • Time management and prioritization skills to build your ideal life
  • Guidance on attaining financial success and independence
  • Accountability to your values and commitments
  • Finding meaning as an individual, in life, and in business 
  • Coaching on generating creative thinking and confidence 
  • Methods for better focus, decision making, and exercising the brain